Hendrik Fischer

PhD Student in Applied Mathematics

About me

I am a PhD student at the Institute of Applied Mathematics at the Leibniz Universität Hannover. Besides, I am a member of the IRTG 2657 Computational Mechanics Techniques in High Dimensions (CoMeTeNd).

I am doing research on model-order reduction for fluid flows and fluid-structure interaction.

In many real-world applications in industry, as well as in academia, multiphysics and especially fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems are of particular interest and thus a widespread research field in the applied mathematics community. Further, a variety of engineering and biomedical problems rely on the efficient simulation of FSI problems. For example, in the field of naval engineering the interaction between water and the ship’s hull is examined, in biomedicine the interaction between blood flow and the deformable blood vessels and in aeronautics the interaction between the airplane and the surrounding air is of interest.

All these problems can be modelled by parameterized partial differential equations. Nevertheless, its applications to design optimization, optimal control, realt-time simulation, parameter identification or state estimation requires the repeated evaluation of many different possible parameter configurations. And although the increase in computer power in the last decades makes it possible to exploit high performance computing (HPC) for high dimensional numerical simulations, even for modest-complexity problems, the computational and memory costs are unacceptably high.
These circumstances motivate the application of model order reduction (MOR) techniques on the premise of a large computational speedup to satisfy these demands. In my work, I am mainly engaged in the application of projection-based reduced basis methods (RBM).